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PWRTUNE Power Vision PV3 Honda Talon
Power Vision  pwrTune ECU Tune Honda Talon

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Starting at $549.90
For all Honda Talon Models
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Live Valve and 4-Seat models

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Power Vision with all Talon Tuning Stage 1-3INT
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Stage 1 + 5.6HP Stock Machine

Stage 1INT +7.1HP Stk Exhaust / Intake Mod

Stage 2 +7.6HP Slip-On Exhaust

Stage 2INT +9HP Slip-On / Intake Mod

Stage 3 +9.6 Full Exhaust

Stage 3INT +11HP Full Exhst / Intake Mod
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Honda Talon Performance Tuning all Models

Power Vision 3 with Power Tune Performance Tuning Stages
6 Custom Tuning Stages

Note: Please be absolutely sure to select your correct year and Talon model. If you neglect to select the correct year and model you may get a unit that will not at all work with your machine.

Have you already purchase a Power Vision and you just new a Power Tune performance tune file?
For new customers you can purchase tunes anytime and we can send them to you via email starting at $200 for two tuning stages.Customization and special programming available and could be an additional charge. New customers can order tuning at this page (click link).

Power Tune Talon The pics are of my car, tuned it and dune'd it, rips!! We are working with the HRC Turbo and tuning will be ready later this year. Don't buy tuning from a shop that is not out testing and running their own Talon. Are the other tuners actually building and driving their own car? I am.

Dynojet Power Vision
with Power Tune performance tuning for the Honda Talon 1000X / 1000R is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and more. Using the Dynojet Power Vision you can purchase our performance tunes for your Talon and have the added benefit of live telemetry, data logging, read and clear trouble codes, and more. Your Power Vision unit will come pre-loaded with tunes customized with your options.

The Power Vision unit plugs into your vehicles data port, you select your tune and program to your car (takes about 15 minutes). You can put back to stock anytime. Once flashed with a performance tune the screen will show live telemetry: engine temp, throttle position, rpm, etc. You can leave the Power Vision plugged in or you can disconnect and leave it in the trailer, your tune will remain in your cars ECU.

All Tuning Stage 1-3 with Intake Option Included
Power Vision units are pre-programmed and shipped out within 1-2 business days. Same day purchase/programing/shipping is available for an additional cost please contact us if you would like to purchase this additional service.

Fuel for all tuning stages minimum 91 octane unleaded fuel is all you need. You probably are already running premium fuel in your Talon even though the manual states all that is required is minimum 86 octane. However, after tuning for the best performance you should run the best quality premium unleaded fuel minimum 91 octane.

You need a Velocity Intake Mod get rid of that restrictor plate $159.95

Performance Stages
  • Stage 1 - all stock machine
    • +5.6 HP to the wheels
    • Stock Exhaust
    • Stock Airbox / Intake
  • Stage 1-Intake
    • +7.1 HP to the wheels
    • Stock Exhaust
    • Velocity Intake Mod
  • Stage 2
    • +7.6 HP to the wheels
    • Slip-On Exhaust (stock headpipe)
    • Stock Airbox / Intake
  • Stage 2-Intake
    • +9 HP to the wheels
    • Slip-On Exhaust (stock headpipe)
    • Velocity Intake Mod
  • Stage 3
    • +9.6 HP to the wheels
    • Full Exhaust (see Stage 3 Tuning Notes below)
    • Stock Airbox / Intake
  • Stage 3-Intake
    • +11 HP to the wheels
    • 100.1 Wheel HP with HMF Full Exhaust
    • Full Exhaust (see Stage 3 Tuning Notes below)
    • Velocity Intake Mod
Stage 3 Tuning Note For our Stage 3 levels was done with an HMF full exhaust system. There were a couple other systems tested which did not test as well. The HMF system features a smaller primary header tubing diameter (the tubing size coming off the head is nearly the size of the stock header and not too large) and a merger pipe section. Exhaust system that feature a larger diameter primary header tubing could negatively affect performance.

Stage 2 Tuning, Turbo's are Coming There is not a huge difference in performance for the Stage 2 vs. Stage 3. If you purchase the wrong full exhaust system with a large diameter header you will be losing power over stock. This is due to the cam profile and cylinder head design, a huge header and zero back pressure exhaust will not work on this machine. The Stage 2 tuning works great with any free flowing muffler. If you have a Slip-on exhaust now (slip-on is a term used for an exhaust which replaces the stock muffler but retains the stock header) then you would be able to also use that slip-on exhaust with the upcoming HRC turbo kit (HRC turbo kit works with the stock muffler which would work with a slip-on exhaust).

Optional Dead Engine Race Startup Do you race in a series with dead engine starts? This option will fire your warmed up Talon off faster usually in 1 or 2 revolutions most starts. If you don't race you won't need this option it just wastes fuel.

Have you already own a Power Vision and you just need a Power Tune performance tune file?

For new customers you can purchase tunes anytime and we can send them to you via email starting at $200 for two tuning stages.Customization and special programming available and could be an additional charge. New customers can order tuning at this page (click link).
All Power Level Features
  • Aggressive Spark Timing to maximize performance
  • Optimized Fuel Maps for great power and throttle response
  • Tip-in (accelerator pump) adjustments for improve throttle response
  • Remove speed limiter (optional)
  • Increased RPM limiter (optional)
    • Suggested set to 9200rpm
    • Affect Manual Shits only
    • Automatic mode shifting points not affected
  • Lower cooling fan on/off temp (optional)
  • Optional "Race Startup" added fuel for faster engine starting
  • No need for run a piggyback fuel controller
  • With the Power Vision you can flash back to stock anytime
  • Upgrade your tune via email anytime

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