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2017-2021 X3 Stage 3 Package: Intake and ECU Tune 200+HP
pwrTune ECU Tuning X3 Stage 3 with intake kit

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Free Warranty/Recall Flashback
Stage 3 Peformance Package

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Air Filter / Intake Options

K&N Air Filter with Outerwears
AFE Air Filter with Outerwears


CanAm Maverick X3 Turbo 2017

2017 X3 models (including standard, X DS, X RS, Max)

CanAm Maverick X3 Turbo R 2018-2021

2018-2021 X3 Turbo R all models (including Turbo R, X DS, X RS, Max R)

Stage 3 Performance Package

  • pwrTune Stage 3int ECU Reflash
  • Complete Velocity Intake Kit
  • Must be used with Full Performance Exhaust
  • Your choice of AFE or K&N Air Filter

Our Stage 3int tune was developed for use with this Velocity Intake Kit. The Stage 3int 15.5psi tune puts down 160 (2017) or 174 (2018) wheel horsepower which calculates to over 200 motor horsepower. Great turbo sounds and all around performance with our Velocity Intake which completely replaces the factory airbox.

As with all of our tunes we offer a free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection in case you ever need to take your X3 in to the dealer for work (see below for more information).

  • Fast 24 hour turn around time,
    • you send yours in we will send it right back the next day
  • Premium shipping options available
  • If you want to keep your stock ECU stock we can program a new one for you, you would still need to send yours in to read.
  • Stage 3int 15.5psi - minimum 91 octane Requires Performance Exhaust and this X3 Velocity Intake Kit

    pwrTune ECU Reflash Features
    • Increased Turbo Boost psi
    • Removed Torque Limiters
    • Removed Speed Limiters (optional)
    • Improved Throttle Response over Stock
    • Performance Spark Timing
    • Optimized Fuel Maps for great power and throttle response
    • Increased RPM limiter
      • Suggested set to 8600rpm
      • Totally optional, your choice stock or higher
    • Lower cooling fan on/off temps
    • Add the ability to start the engine with no brake in any gear
    • No need for run a piggyback fuel controller
    • Retains ECO mode
    • Ready for your performance clutch tuning
    • Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection*
    • Upgrade your tune anytime and just pay the cost difference

    CanAm X3 Turbo Velocity Intake System

    2017-2021 all X3 Models: Standard / XRS / XDS / Max

    Replaces your factory intake system from the Turbo inlet up with a light and free flowing aluminum intake tube. Very easy to install with a consistent power increase. Includes K&N or AFE Air Filter, Water Repellent Outerwears, foam clutch inlet filter, all hardware. Fits nicely under the stock air inlet cover for a super stealth look.

    Dyno developed for a big improvement in air flow over stock this intake kit will increase power throughout the RPM range. On a completely stock X3 this complete intake kit made an additional 10 wheel horsepower throughout the acceleration range with a consistent increase in torque. This equals out to consistently faster acceleration from stopped to the rev limit!

    Our Stage 3 pwrTune ECU reflash was developed for use with this intake for a race winning 200 motor horsepower on stock fuel injectors with a perfect wide open throttle AFR. That is a power increase to the wheels of over 37 horsepower with only a tune and bolt on parts. performance that cannot be matched! Without a stage 3 tune this intake makes consistent gains in power, does work best on an either stock machine, or tuned machine with exhaust.

    The intake tube has welded on provisions for your crankcase vent hose and waste gate vent line. A foam filter for your clutch inlets is included. No permanent modifications are required to install this intake kit. Installation takes about an hour start to finish.

    This air filter system seals tightly and will not easily allow dirt/sand into your intake tract. When used with the supplied water repellent outerwears it is safe for use in most weather conditions.

    Velocity Intake Features

    Aluminum Intake Tube
    K&N Performance Air Filter or,
    AFE Pro Guard 7 Air Filter
    Water Repellent Outerwears
    Foam Clutch Inlet Filter
    Silicon Intake Coupler and all Hardware
    Detailed Install Instructions
    100% Made in the USA

    *Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection

    If you have a problem in the future, clutch blows up, EPS stops working, and you gotta take it in for warranty work. Or a factory recall comes up and you need to take your machine in?? No worries, we've got you covered with Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection. What does this mean? Basically if you have an issue and need your stock ECU back to stock we will flash it back to stock for you no charge. How? When you send in your ECU first we will read your stock flash and save the information under your name. If you need it "back to stock" in the future you can send your ECU back, we will put your stock flash right back on your original ECU. If the dealer needs to connect to your ECU it will be yours, and stock, and never looks like it had been touched! Matching serial numbers, matching everything. And, we will even send it back free of charge Priority Shipping within 24 hours of receiving it. After the work is done, send it back to us (again) and free of charge we will flash it back to a pwrTune full performance tune and send it back to you. This does only apply to your first instance (one Recall and/or one Warranty Issue), after one time the fee will be $20 each flash and you'd have to pay for shipping.

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