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pwrTune ECU Reflash 2022-2023 Segway UT10
pwrTune ECU Tuning Reflash Segway Fugleman UT10

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Our Price: $299.90
Free Warranty/Recall Flashback
Fast 24 hr Turnaround
2022-2023 UT10 Models

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Stage 1: +10.1 HP - Stock Exhaust
Stage 2: +13.1 HP - Open Exhaust Endcap

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Segway Fugleman UT10 ECU Reflash

Must Have Full Throttle Performance for your UT10
2022-2023- UT10 all models

  • Fast 24 hour turn around time,
    • you send yours in we will send it right back the next day
    • free Priority Mail 2-3 day return shipping

Performance Tuning Stages

  • Stage 1 - 91 octane with Stock Exhaust
    • +10.1 Peak Rear Wheel Horsepower
    • 13% increase in peak power
    • 3-4hp less with 87 octane option
  • Stage 2 - 91 octane with open Exhaust Endcap
    • +13.1 Peak Rear Wheel Horsepower
    • 17% increase in peak power
    • 3-4hp less with 87 octane option
  • Stage 3 - 91 octane with Performance Slip-on Exhaust
    • not yet available
    • waiting for a performance exhaust to test with

All Power Level Features
  • Removed Torque Limiters
  • Full Throttle Performance all gears
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Full Throttle and no Speed Limit in Low Gear
  • Removed speed limiter with front diff lock engaged
    • don't get stuck climbing or mudding
    • 16mph limit in 4wd diff lock is ridiculous
    • have full power and full speed with all 4 locked up
  • Smoother takeoff in Reverse Gear
  • Smoothed out ECO Mode
  • Performance Spark Timing (minimum 91 octane fuel required)
  • Optimized Fuel Maps for great power and throttle response
  • Increased RPM limiter
    • Suggested set to 8800rpm
    • Low gear speed to 46mph with 8800rpm limiter
  • Full power in all gears for optimal mudding performance
  • No need for run a piggyback fuel controller
  • Retains Eco mode
  • Clutch adjustments not required
  • Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection*
  • Upgrade your tune anytime $100 charge

Power Tune: Proven Side by Side Performance

Our Power Tune UT10 ECU tuning is must have performance for your new machine. Developed using our bosch ECU tuning knowledge and in house Axis Dyno you will not be disappointed with your power gains. All tuning stages are the result of months of testing an tweaking to find the right and easy to attain combination that will suit your performance mods. Wanting to upgrade some now, and some later? That is no big deal, because we never charge full price to change your tuning level, see below for details. All tuning was done using pump premium ethanol blend fuel. You can run non-ethonal premium if you chose, do not run anything below 91 octane for the best performance. You can opt for an 87 octane compatible tune, the performance gains are 3-4 less than the advertised gains.

Full Throttle Performance: The stock tuning on your UT10 has torque limitation at low RPM when you put the pedal to the floor. Worse than that the throttle is limited to around 92% with your foot to the floor and that is part of the reason we are able to get an amazing 10hp gain to the wheels without any other modifications. Torque limitations on a drive by wire car are common, and typically they cause a delay or limitation of throttle position going to wide open. The result is a lazy or under powered feel. With the torque limitations removed on your UT10 you will feel more aggressive throttle response at takeoff or low RPM and you will have the ability to put more power to the ground. Get a Power Tune and go full throttle!

Unlocked Low Gear and Diff Lock Mode: Are you a mudder or rock crawler, or want to use all the power in all gears? With the optional speed limiter removed you will now have full power in all gears and be able to run to the selected rev limit in all gears. [Note: High gear top speeds largely depend on the weight of your UT10, tire size, and clutching] With an 8,800rpm selected rev limit both low and reverse gear are able to run full throttle to 46mph. Stock you wouldn't be able to back out of a mud hole. Big tires and low gear now you will be able to pull out of anything. Even with the 4wd engaged and the front diff lock engaged you will no longer be limited.

Clutching Adjustments not Required During our dyno testing we did play with the Segway clutching looking for any performance gains. Going up or down in acceleration RPM had no benefit for the UT10's performance. If a clutch kit comes available for this machine we will look to test that in the future. Basically the UT10 clutching comes setup great already, no adjustments necessary.

US Customer Shipping Options
  • Free USPS Priority 2-3 Day Delivery
    • you send yours in we will send it right back the next day
  • 2-Day UPS Delivery
    • you send yours in we will send it right back the next day
  • Next Day UPS Delivery
    • you send yours in we will send it right back the next day

How to Order

Step 1, select your tuning stage based on the performance modifications you have made for exhaust and intake, and the fuel you intend to run
Step 2, choose the correct model/year where applicable
Step 3, select your options for Speed Limiter, RPM limit, etc.
Step 4, send your ECU to us:

Malone Motorsports
2439 NE 282nd Ave
Camas, WA 98607

Step 5, once we receive your ECU into the shop we can make the modifications necessary and sent the ECU back out the next business day. Typically same day service is very hard to promise, and there are occasions were we are not at the shop for a day or two (in this case you would be notified after you order whether there is an upcoming day that our shop would be closed).

Upgrading your tune to a higher level

Do you already have a Power Tune in your Segway and want to move up to a higher power level tuning stage? You never pay the full price for a new tune on the same machine. Upgrade your tuning stage for $100 you can order online here $100 Tune Upgrade. Tune upgrades apply to the original tune purchaser / owner. Send an email to discuss or ask any questions. The minimum charge for a upgrade or downgrade on your tune is $100.

Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection

If you have a problem in the future, clutch blows up, EPS stops working, and you gotta take it in for warranty work. Or a factory recall comes up and you need to take your machine in?? No worries, we've got you covered with Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection. What does this mean? Basically if you have an issue and need your stock ECU back to stock we will flash it back to stock for you no charge. How? When you send in your ECU first we will read your stock flash and save the information under your name. If you need it "back to stock" in the future you can send your ECU back, we will put your stock flash right back on your original ECU. If the dealer needs to connect to your ECU it will be yours, and stock, and never looks like it had been touched! Matching serial numbers, matching everything. And, we will even send it back free of charge Priority Shipping within 24 hours of receiving it. After the work is done, send it back to us (again) and free of charge we will flash it back to a pwrTune full performance tune and send it back to you. This does only apply to your first instance (one Recall and/or one Warranty Issue), after one time the fee will be $20 each flash and you'll have to pay for shipping.

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